Healthy Digestion With Collagen

Do you suffer from food allergies? Do you have irritable bowel syndrome or weakened digestion? Collagen supplements can help heal the stomach and promote healthy digestion.

Leaky Gut

Many of these symptoms we experience today are caused by a leaky gut. People who suffer from this condition will actually absorb food particles from their digestive tract into their blood, which causes immune and allergic reactions. Simply put, our bodies are designed to break down our foods into amino acids, fatty acids, and simple carbohydrates in order to use them for energy and repair. When we are exposed to undigested particles from our food, our bodies react and treats them as an invader of sorts.  Not only that, but your intestines are your first line of defense when it comes to pathogens. A leaky gut will cause bacteria, fungi, and viruses to easily enter your blood stream, which can contribute to illnesses or a lack of wellbeing.

Collagen For Stomach Healing

Adding collagen to your diet can help heal stomach and digestive lining. Our digestive tracts are composed of the same amino acids that are abundant in collagen. Taking supplemental gelatin, or collagen peptides are absorbed and will repair the sensitive lining and infrastructure of our stomach, and small/large intestines.

Collagen For Healthy Digestion

In addition to healing our gut, gelatin/collagen improves hydrochloric acid production in our stomach, which makes it easier to digest foods. Collagen is hydrophilic, it attracts and absorbs water very efficiently. It can attract the hydrochloric acid it helps produce from the walls of the stomach used to breakdown food closer to the contents in the stomach, helping it digest food easier. It can also help draw water into the intestinal tract to help food move along.

If you are experiencing food sensitivities or allergies, consider taking a collagen peptides or gelatin with meals to help aid in digestion.

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