Low Impact Weight Training

It’s easy to achieve low impact weight training with a couple of free weights. Adjustable dumbbells are an easy way to start off with a low weight and build your strength up. Elastic bands can also be used for a great resistance workout without added impact on sore joint and knees. Ankle weights are also good for adding a bit of weight and resistance when you go out for a walk. Always remember to consult with your physician before starting any type of fitness routine if you are suffering from joint pain or pain from a fitness related injury.

It’s always a good idea to hire a personal trainer as well to perfect your form and avoid any injuries that could be caused from working out with too heavy of weights or improper form.

Low Impact Weight Routine

A low impact fitness routine can be achieved with only a couple of dumbbells and a half an hour of your time.

Always remember to perform a quick 10 minute warm up to loosen up your body and help to prevent any fitness related injury. Start off at a weight you can easily manage and work your way up from there.

Dumbbell Lunge – Start off with your dumbbells gripped in each hand to your sides and your feet at shoulder length width. Take a step forward and bend your back to the ground. Reverse and repeat on the other leg. Complete 10-12 reps.

Dumbbell Curls – Grip two dumbbells in each hand with your palms up. Either sitting or standing, bring one dumbbell up to your pectoral and back down. Repeat with the other side. Repeat for 10-12 reps.

Dumbbell Press – With two dumbbells in each hand to your sides, stand with legs and hips width. Bring both dumbbells up to your chest, inverting your hands, and then push them up over your head. Reverse and repeat for 10-12 reps.

There it is, a simple low impact weight training routine that can help build strength and get you back into a fitness routine.

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