Sleep: Why It’s So Important

Do you feel fatigued during the day? Is coffee not helping that mid afternoon drag? Coffee and energy drinks may be good for quick pick me up, but you may be experiencing a lack of sleep which can lead to stress, fatigue, and a number of other problems that can be helped with just a little more quality sleep.

What Is Sleep?

Sleep is what recharges us. There are different stages we go through during a night.

Non-REM Stages

Stage N1 – This is the stage when the muscles slow, and awakening is easy.

Stage N2 – Your body temperature begins to decrease and heart rate slows. This last for 10-20 minutes.

Stage N3 – This is the deep sleep cycle. It is difficult to wake up. Blood flow is directed towards your muscles to restore energy.

REM Stage

The REM stage is when we often dream. This happens about an hour and a half after we fall asleep.

The Importance of Sleep

It helps everything from healing a strenuous workout to reducing stress. Unfortunately in this modern day and age, sleep length and quality has been reduced. Poor diet, excess stress, EMF from electronics, lack of physical activity and outside noise can all contribute to lack of sleep. It can help to improve memory, help reduce inflammation, and reduce stress and anxiety. Getting enough sleep can help you get through your day a little easier and keep you focused.

How To Improve Sleep Quality

Quality can be improved by a number of things. Exercising for a half an hour a day can greatly increase the quality of your sleep. A well balance diet of whole based nutrition can also promote sleep. The glycine in Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides can help calm your mind to get a restful night’s sleep. Cutting down electronic use a couple of hours before bed time can help sleep by not stimulating your brain with bright lights and screens.

Sleep is the most important activity of the day. If you’re not sleeping well, try a few of those strategies to see what works.

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